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I miss you
There is not a day I don't think about you
A day that I don't miss you
I hold you strong and close in my soul
I can never let you go
You watch me from the veil
Yet I wish I wish you could see watch with me
Watch me become great
Watch all your hard work paying off
You were there when I was born
You held me in your arms
I held you in mine when I said
Good Bye
I kissed your forehead
Whispering "I love you"
Just as I had so many times before
Yet you laid there cold
My tears fell from my eyes
I miss you everyday
You made me strive to be my best and I'm on my way
I never imagined that one day you wouldn't be here to see it
In my heart I know how proud you would be
How happy you would be
My greatest downfall was assuming you would always be here
Always guiding me along my way
I wish I could have uttered I love you just one more time to you
In this world you can never say it too much
I hope as you watch from the veil you smile down at me
Proudly as I walk the path you helped pave for me oh so long ago

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I remember the days we shared

I remember your smile

I remember how we danced while we worked

My memories are all I have left of you

I never thought

I never dreamed I would be in a world without you

A world where you weren’t there to give me advice

A world where I couldn’t hug you

A world where I couldn’t run into your open arms

A word where your voice would be a far off whisper in the night

Only in a memory

I use to think maybe if I ran all over the house searching

I would find you IN YOUR USUAL PLACE

That if I looked harder I would find you

That somehow I could awaken from

This Nightmarish Catacylsm

That if I could just awaken you would be there

That you would embrace me and comfort me

If only I could wake and see you my world would be right again

I always thought you would be a constant in my life

How wrong I was

You were stolen away from us along with our hearts

A priceless treasure never to be seen again

Never to be seen

Never to be heard from again

All that was left in your wake

Were pieces






  • Listening to: Bring you back,tentacles and voodoo
  • Reading: My thoughts/feelings
  • Watching: Myself falling
Okay so sorry about how my writing has been pretty depressing I've been going through a lot lately. I'll try to start writing things that are a bit more upbeat. Things have just been really rocky. Some days my mood goes from being good and okay to missing a person I lost. I want to thank you guys. Thank you


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United States
I am a young adult who writes from the heart. My heart does all my writing for me. I am also an amateur photographer who loves to read, game, and spend time with the ones I hold close to my heart.

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